Transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Celebrate connection and the power of  infusing every instant with a touch of wonder. Embrace the essence of Estelle.

Limitless Entertainment

Estelle One is a smartphone projector with a touchscreen. It runs on Android OS and offers access to all your Android apps, just like your phone.

The projector can display content in Full HD on smaller surfaces, as well as screens several meters wide. It's small and light, ideal for use on the go.

Stream entertainment, make presentations, elevate your gaming experience – the possibilities are limitless. This is the essence of Estelle One.

Estelle One is a pioneering smartphone projector, a unique product developed and designed by Estelle AB in Sweden.

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Close up of an Estelle One from behind
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- MAttias Inghe, M3

* Original: "idén är genialisk. ta en plattform som kan göra i princip allt, och använd som bas för en riktigt smart, strömmande underhållningsenhet."

How To Use Your Estelle One

A kid gaming using the Estelle One as a projector on the wall.
Living room streaming from an Estelle One.
Movie nights
Outdoor use of the Estelle One on a brick wall.
A family streaming cartoons in livingroom using the Estelle One projector.
Children's entertainment
Two women at work discussing looking at a presentation beamed by an Estelle.
At the office
Woman laying next to the Estelle One projector streaming in the roof.
Woman using the Estelle One display to navigate.
All streaming sevices available
Dad and son playing video games using an Estelle One Projector.
Quality time

A Portable Projector Experience

Estelle One enables a new way of having big screen experiences available at any given moment on any location.  
By combining the technical features of an Android Smartphone with a built-in projector, you can experience a screen size of over 200 inches in full HD anywhere. Whether it be at home together with friends, or at the grandparents with the kids - all you need is a wall or ceiling and your Estelle One.

Estelle Protective Cover

Full protection against scratches, bumps, and daily wear. Available soon in various colors to match your style. The black Estelle Protective Cover is included in the Estelle One Box, a perfect complement to your device.

Hardshell case for an Estelle One with a white background.
Estelle One remote in black

Estelle Remote

Control your Estelle One from a distance using either the navigation pad or voice commands. The Bluetooth connection ensures a seamless and reliable connection between the remote and your device

Recommended retail price: 499 SEK

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Frequently asked questions

What is Estelle One, a projector, tablet, smart phone, or something else?

Estelle One is a new category device with built-in Android OS, offering features of a projector, tablet, and smartphone in one device.

Where can I use it?

Estelle One can be used in various settings, such as homes, offices, outdoor spaces, or any place where you want a large screen experience. It's versatile and adaptable to different environments. Estelle One has its own battery so you can take it almost anywhere.

How bright is the picture - when and where can I use it?

To achieve a cinematic 200"+ screen, use Estelle One in dusk or turn off the lights for an optimal viewing experience. For smaller screens (10"+), well-lit areas are suitable. Estelle One uses a high end premium pico projector delivering 210 ANSI Lumens.

Is it easy to navigate? 

Estelle One can be navigated using its intuitive touchscreen interface. You can interact with the device directly on the screen, making it easy to access apps, settings, and other functionalities without the need for additional devices like smartphones or remotes. You also have access to voice control via Google Assistant.

Can I connect speakers and gaming controllers to Estelle One?

Yes, you can enhance your Estelle One experience by connecting external speakers and gaming controllers, creating a more immersive sound and gaming experience. Additionally, Estelle One supports the connection of Bluetooth keyboards and mice, providing added convenience and flexibility for various tasks and interactions.

Is it possible to operate Estelle One remotely? It becomes inconvenient to use touch navigation when the device is mounted on the wall.

Estelle One supports various Bluetooth remotes. We recommend our Estelle Remote for easy navigation, especially when wall mounted. A user-friendly software remote is also available for Android and iOS. Third-party mirror app solutions further enhance your screening experience, allowing you to play and control content from your couch.

I am a gamer, why should I buy Estelle One compared to my setup today with a PC and/or a gaming console setup at home?

Estelle One offers a unique and versatile gaming experience. Unlike traditional setups with PCs and gaming consoles, Estelle One provides the flexibility to game anywhere, thanks to its portability. It projects games onto a large screen, offering immersive gameplay. You can enhance your experience by connecting Bluetooth keyboards, mice, or gaming controllers, and even play cloud platform games or connect your console through HDMI. Estelle One gives you the freedom to transform any space into a gaming arena, making it a valuable addition to your gaming setup. Also, with 4G streaming you are getting great mobile latency, skipping Wi-Fi, enabling you to stream AAA titles directly over mobile networks!

Given my existing home theatre setup with a large screen, how does Estelle One enhance my experience, and where would it be most beneficial for me to use it?

Estelle One offers a distinct advantage even if you have a big screen at home. Its portability allows you to use it anywhere, transforming any space into an entertainment hub. Whether you're in the backyard, kitchen, bathroom, a friend's house, or on a camping trip, Estelle One provides a large-screen experience on demand. Additionally, you can use it for outdoor movie nights, gaming parties, or business presentations, enhancing versatility compared to a fixed big screen at home. Estelle One gives you the flexibility to enjoy your favourite content in various environments, making it a valuable and convenient addition to your entertainment options. The projected display is also easier on you and your family’s eyes.

Why should I include Estelle One to my business? We already have TVs in the meeting rooms and most of our employees work from home and not many of them do external presentations.

Estelle One transforms your business presentations with its portability and versatility. Instead of investing in new TVs for meeting rooms in the future, Estelle One will offer dynamic presentations in various locations. For remote employees, it can serve as a secondary computer screen, enhancing multitasking, productivity, and operational flexibility. Also, eyestrain looking at a projected image is much less, compared to looking directly at traditional displays.

What apps are available?

Estelle One offers access to a wide range of apps available on the Google Play Store. You can download and enjoy popular streaming apps, productivity tools, games, and much more to enhance your experience. Just the same as any android smartphone, not just limited to TV apps like most smart TVs.

Being a Google-certified device, you have access to services such as Find My Device and Device Backup give you extra peace of mind if anything happens to your Estelle One. YouTube, YouTube Kids and YouTube Music also offer great media services.

If you have a Netflix account, then you should also be able to install all the Netflix Games included with your subscription.  

Can I just log in using my existing Google account?

Yes, you can log your Estelle One using your existing Google account, making it easy to access your apps, settings, and content seamlessly. Of course, you do not need a Google account to use the device but won’t be able to access all the Google related features.

Can I use it for work, doing presentations and video calls?

Yes, you can use Estelle One for work, including presentations and video calls. Its versatility allows for various professional uses, enhancing your work experience. You can either access documents directly from the cloud through Android-supported apps like Google Drive, OneDrive etc. Or connect via the HDMI port. The built-in stereo microphones and professionally tuned speakers work great for conference calls but can be connected via Bluetooth for larger rooms.

Will all my existing smart phone content and apps just be there in the device if I’m logged in?

Estelle One allows you to log in with your existing Google account, which enables you to access your apps and content seamlessly. Once logged in, your apps and data associated with your Google account can be accessed on Estelle One, providing a familiar and convenient user experience.

Does it have a battery?

Yes, Estelle One has a built-in battery that provides up to 3 hours of projection time. While it's not always necessary to charge it during short uses, for longer sessions, it's advisable to charge the device to ensure uninterrupted operation. Estelle One support fast-charging via the included USB Type-C charger.

Does it have built-in speakers?

Estelle One comes with two built-in speakers, tuned in Sweden, ensuring that you have audio for your presentations and multimedia content without the need for external speakers. You can connect external soundbars or larger speakers using the AUX port for a wired setup or via Bluetooth for a wireless connection, allowing you to enhance your audio experience according to your preferences.

How much can I store on it?

Estelle One comes with 64GB of built in storage but can be upgraded to an additional 1024GB using an SD-Card. 1024GB is enough to store 1000 hours of 1080P video. The SD Card can be swapped using the included pin.

Warranty and support?

Estelle One offers a 2-year warranty, and we are always available to assist you. Feel free to share your thoughts or seek help on our dedicated support page.

How do I connect to internet?

To connect your Estelle One to the internet:
1. Via Wi-Fi: Go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and choose your network. Enter the password if prompted. Alternatively
2. Via 4G / mobile internet: Insert an active SIM card, enable Mobile Data in Settings, and you're online. If you are overseas you might need to activate roaming.
3. Via USB: Connect an optional USB Type-C adapter to a LAN network point for lowest possible latency and highest possible speed.

Is Estelle One environment friendly?

Unlike big TV screens that consume higher power and resources, Estelle One's compact size and efficient technology result in lower energy consumption. Additionally, its portability encourages users to utilize existing surfaces, reducing the need for additional materials. While it might not eliminate environmental impact entirely, it offers a more sustainable alternative compared to large TV screens.
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