Multimedia hub projector
11,490 KR

It’s so easy!

All the content you are used to is always available in a few seconds. Streaming & gaming apps, photos, videos, presentations, documents - it's all there!

Use the built-in touchscreen to navigate or download any app, making it easy to enjoy your content instantly, wherever you are. The projection focus and angles are calibrated automatically, so you don’t need to be a tech expert to have a cinema experience anywhere.

Easy touch display navigation.

Start projecting within 10 seconds

All apps are available from Google Play Store

200”+ cinema experience in FULL HD

Up to 3 hours battery time, 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity

Built in speakers

Easy to carry in any commuter bag.

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Estelle One – Many Uses, One Device

Estelle is a Winner

Estelle One is a truly unique product, but just don’t take our word for it. Estelle One was recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award for superlative design quality. The international jury only awards the highly sought-after seal of quality to products that are characterised by outstanding design. Such as Estelle One.

Mattias Inghe, M3

The idea is brilliant. Take a platform that can basically do everything and use it as the basis for a really smart streaming entertainment device.
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Kamer, Verified buyer

The freedom to place it anywhere without any power cable must be the best. Looking forward to using it outside when the football Euros start.

Ramakazz, Verified buyer

I was planning to buy a TV but choose this instead. I regret nothing and am super happy with my purchase!! Highly recommended!

Where to use your Estelle

The Estelle projector can be used in various settings. Whether you're at home, traveling, or at the office,you can quickly enjoy a big-screen cinematic experience.

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